frequently asked questions

Yes our product royality free, You just need to make payment for the product you purchase, it does mean you can use it multiple times using our extended license feautre, If you purchase an extended license you can use it in unlimited domains. Unfortunately regular license does not offer that privilage so far, you can only use that in single domain.

Yes, you can modify your product on your own or third party. We can modify your product in exchange of certain fees, We always suggest that you ask us for modification, becuase, sometimes issues arraise when you go to a third party. For example your script may be stolen or used without your concent. When customization for uniqueness is requested We assure you, that it is only used by you and you only.

No, you are not the only person to use any of our product, using orginality,updates and customization there is always a chance that you can create orginal product. Customization can be used to develop any particular feature on your website or, you can ask for much more using customization.

You can use it in multiple domain, but unfortunately We do not offer any reselling privilages to any of our property. If you need reselling permission you may contact with us.

Regular license means you can install it on single domain, Extended licence means you can use it on multiple domains. Customization is available for both of the packages.

Yes they can access your product. You can give access to all your designers and developers the access to same template so that they can work on it. That is applicable for both regular and extended license.

No they do not, if they do not use it multimple time. Multipulation will always require extended license.

No it will not, We always suggest you contact us for that purpose. Third party development is very much de-motivated.

No you can never get a developer license. You can not just buy a regular script and use it for multiple clients.